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Publish your Own Work & Earn Points

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  • Image Activity - 20 points
  • Video  Activity - 40 points

4 more points when others perform your activity

Upload to FameZone & Earn 5 points


  • ONLY Pics of your certificates, awards, art, crafts or any achievement (You must hold your work in your hand and take a pic to upload)
  • ONLY Video of your performances, awards, original work, art, craft or achievement

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More Ways to Use NacFun

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Quick Tips to Use NacFun

  • Free for Students, Parents & Schools WORLDWIDE.
  • Two Ways to Participate
    • "Publish My Work" - Upload Image or Video of your own work to create an activity for others to Watch & Perform OR just upload to your FameZone.
    • "Perform Activity" - Watch given Instructions, Perform and Upload your Response Image or Videos.
  • To "Perform Activity", select a category to participate: Act, Art, Comedy, Craft, Drawing, Dance, Music, Poetry, Singing, Puzzle & Riddle, Life-Skills, GK, Quiz, Worksheet, Pre-School, Study, Co-curricular, Contest, BattleZone, Sports and more.
  • You may participate in multiple categories
  • Pick an activity to perform from the category you selected above. Ex, if you selected Art, then pick - 'sketch a portrait' or 'paint a landscape'.
  • Follow instructions & complete your activity.
  • As requested in the instruction, take a picture or record the video of your performance.
  • Upload your response.
  • Virtual Judges will award points.
  • MCQ and Blog Quizzes are performed online.
  • Publish Activities for other Users & Earn Points.
  • Climb leaderboard to win prizes and certificates.

Listed are all the activities to perform in NacFun and the Points to be earned. Most activities have no monthly limits whereas some have monthly limits to participate . For example, you may only submit 30 entries each month for NACHO DANCE or 3 entries for each comedy contest.

Activities Points Earned Monthly
Refer a Friend 100 No Limit1
FameZone Uploads 5 100
Co-Curricular Image Activities 10 - 250 1602
Co-Curricular Video Activities 10 - 250 2402
Sports Challenges - Instruction Led 20 4
Sports Challenges - Freestyle 40 30
    -Battle Ninja 10 No Limit
    -Battle Challenger 10 703
    -Battle Winner 50 No Limit
Art Contests
    -Sketch 40 3
    -Paint 40 3
    -Caricature 40 3
Dance Contest – NACHO DANCE 30 30
Comedy Contest
    -Skit 40 3
    -Tell a Joke 40 3
    -Animal Mimicry 40 3
    -Cartoon Mimicry 40 3
Music Contest
    -Guitar 40 3
    -Keyboard 40 3
    -Dhol 40 3
    -Drums 40 3
    -Ukulele 40 3
    -Harmonium 40 3
Singing Contest 40 5
Poetry Contest
    -Hindi Recitation 40 3
    -English Recitation 40 3
Academic Activities
    -MCQ Quiz 10 No Limit4
    -Blog Quiz 10 - 25 No Limit
    -Subjective Quiz 10 - 25 No Limit
    -Image Quiz 5 - 10 375
Worksheets 5 - 10 2005
Partner Contest (Updated continuously)
    -I Glam 100 -
    -Video Activity 40 506
    -Image Activity 20 506
    -Image Quiz 5 506
    -Blog Quiz By Invite only No Limit
    -My Activity Performed by Others 4 No Limit
Love Points 1 Love = 1 Point 500 Points

1. Maximum Love and Referral points considered for the calculation of winners and their rank is upto 50% of the points earned by performing activities.

2. Users can submit up to 240 Co-Curricular Video Activities and 160 Co-Curricular Image Activities every month (as available), including all individual co-curricular video & image activities. Eg- NACHO DANCE, Comedy Contest, Sketch etc.

3. Users can submit up to 70 Battle Zone videos as challenger in a month.

4. Only 1000 MCQ points will be added to the Monthly Total for calculating to select Winners of NacFun Monthly Prizes.Keith Keller Quiz Master Certificate will be awarded based upon all the points earned in MCQ for the month.

5. Users of Class/Grade LKG to 5, can submit up to 200 Worksheets, Users of Class/Grade 6 to 8 can submit up to 100 Worksheets, and users of Class/Grade 9 onwards can submit up to 50 Worksheets in a month (as available).

6. Limit for publishing an activity is as follows;

  • (i) Video Activity Publication: 50
  • (ii) Image Activity Publication: 50 (includes both Image Activity & Image Quiz)