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Please refer to the Do's and Dont's of Yoga before performing any of the below yoga aasanas. Click here to know more.

Everyday Yoga

One should always ensure to get his body prepared before starting with any of the yogasanas. The prarambh kriya ensures that your body gets warmed up before starting any of the asanas for specific purposes. One must always start with prarambh kriya to attain maximum benefit from yoga.

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Yoga For Back Pain

Back pain is no longer a disease for oldies. Young peoples who are sitting on chairs for 8-10 hours at offices feels the same. Throw your painkillers & start doing these easy asanas for a healthy spine. 

* INR 499

Yoga For Eyes

In today’s world human eye is exposed most to UV rays, pollution, with so many of electronic gadgets human eye works more than any organ. From kids to adults everyone is facing some problems with their eyes. By practicing only 3 simple asanas will make your eyes more healthy.

* INR 499

Yoga For High BP

High blood pressure or hypertension often has no special symptoms. If untreated, it can cause you serious health issues such as heart disease and stroke. These simple yogasanas will make you overcome high B.P.

* INR 499

Yoga For Thyroid

The thyroid gland is an essential organ for producing thyroid hormones, which maintains the body metabolism. Throid problems are common in adults nowadays due to bad diet and lack of exercise. One can ensure to stay away from such diseases by practicing these simple asanas regularly.

* INR 499

Yoga For Constipation

A healthy body comes from a healthy stomach .In today’s hectic lifestyle where we have no control over what to eat, how to eat, we do not have a fixed food routine. By virtue of this people of every age group are suffering from various stomach related diseases. These simple yogasanas will definitely save you from all stomach related issues.

* INR 499

Yoga For Glowing Skin & Healthy Hair

Everybody in this world wants glowing skin & hair but hectic lifestyle & pollution doesn’t allow you to have. Don’t worry these simple asanas will make your skin glowing & make your hair healthy & strong.

* INR 499

Corporate Yogasanas

Life of a Corporate is surrounded with deadlines, performance pressure, workloads etc. that leads to stress, anxiety & other health discomforts. You must try these easy to learn and practice kriyas that you can do even on your office chair, and it will help you relief from harmful health problems arising from long hour desk jobs.

* INR 499

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